Berg Gran Tour


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For four people: 2 adults and 2 children

200 cm (length) x 102 (width) x 107 (high)

Weight: 100 kg

Color: orange

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3 569,00 €

    Brand new ! Driver is able to pedal forward, pull the brake to stop and pedal reverse. Pedaling passenger has independently driven pedals to assist pedaling forward. Front passengers have seatbelts. This kart is comfortable for two adults not more than 6 feet 3 inches and 285 lbs. each. Front passenger seats are comfortable for children up to 10 or under 90 pounds each. 

    Hubs: New for 2011 the driver’s hub is a traditional AF hub allowing for forward pedaling, coasting with pedals remaining static, use the hand brake to stop, once stopped pedal backwards to go in reverse! Pedaling passenger assists driver to pedal forward and can coast with pedals remaining static, pedals freewheel when pedaled in reverse.

    Wheels: Rubber tube tires with hybrid street tread are mounted on large, strong aluminum alloy rims that roll very nicely. Tires should be filled to around 30 psi, never to exceed 35 psi. Each 6-spoke rim has sealed bearings to keep the kart rolling smoothly for years and years.

    Front Seats: Ideal for children, each front seat has a seatbelt for safety. If you don’t have any front passengers, seats may be removed and platform is perfect for storage of golf clubs, groceries, or whatever else you need to haul. 

    Sport Seat: Specially molded orange plastic provides four comfortable backrests and seats. The rear seats sit higher than any of our other karts making for very easy mounting and dismounting. The rear seats also easily adjust without compromising frame strength. The front seats may be removed to make room for whatever you need to haul.

    Options: Some popular accessories for this kart include the Gran Tour wagon. The wagon allows two more people to join in the fun, making in total 4 pedalers! Other popular accessories for the Gran Tour include: the deluxe passenger seat, kart lock, or sun roof!

    Measures2,00 x 1,02 x 1,07 m
    Weight100 kg

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